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Jalisco, Mexico

We arrived at Bahia Tenacatita mid-afternoon and found ourselves in a very large bay, where we went all the way in to find this wonderful anchorage. There were probably 20 to 30 boats anchored comfortably, and the powerboat trio we had met in Chamela and seen again in Careyes, were already here, as was the Ericsson 26 Warthog with whom we had had dinner in Chalema and anchored near in Careyes. Again, you have to remember the names! Here we stayed one night. We passed a boat with children on board and by the time we finished anchoring, they were in their dinghy's with their father and on the way over.

Of course I can't remember their names! However, there was another boat with children we didn't get to meet as we left the next afternoon. Turns out that most of the people we met here were heading north and had been part of the infamous Baja Ha-Ha race from California to Baja, California, who had continued south after they reached Cabo, San Lucas in Baja, California. This particular family were from Silicon Valley and best I could tell they were part of the dot.com "bust" and left their property and headed out for a spell. They clearly could afford to be here and were having a great time! They were so tan they looked French! There were several couples who immediately came over and introduced themselves. Most were staying for weeks and loved it here. We were invited to go across the bay the next day for a "rodeo" to La Manzanilla (not to be confused with Manzanillo, much farther south)  either by dinghy, which we were told would be a heck of a ride back if we did as the winds pick up in the afternoon, or to take the boat over, which requires resetting the anchor twice, something Mark does not really like to do more than he has to!

We decided the next day to go on the "jungle cruise" which is a jungle river-type thing that you can't see from your boat, but can see when you get to the shore. Meagan and I kayaked this probably 5 mile river and Mark and Kelvin followed up in the dinghy with their motor. It was basically a mangrove jungle river that wound way up the coast and came out at a little town that when you walked across the street, there was the bay again, but way up by the mouth where we had come in the day before. We returned to the boat in the early afternoon for lunch and decided suddenly that since it was clear that the bay had at least 20 knots, that we would head out for Bahia de Navidad! We had a great sail! We don't get many of those, quite frankly, and didn't have to motor until we got where we were going, about 2 hours south!

Some mansion on the cliffs on the way from Tenacatita to Bahia Navidad. There were lots of these on the coast and we can see why they call it the Gold Coast of Mexico!




This was a great little cruise, lasting all of about 5 hours total from start to finish, and then back in the dinghy, as all kayakers were very tired!

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