Bahia Tortugas to Bahia Santa Maria (next to Bahia Magdalena)

January 5, 2004 to January 6, 2004:  205 nautical miles


0700  Left with heavy seas and 30 knot gusts, after waiting out Santa Ana wind condition for an extra day. Decided that wind would be following and apparent would be steady at 15-20 knots; manageable. Turned into an unexpected adventure, twice as long as anticipated. Lost equipment over the side. Originally scheduled to go to San Ignacia, then to Abreojos. However, when arrived at night at Abreojos became apparent no way to put in there. Kept on through the night and all next day until midnight to Bahia Santa Maria!

0000 January 6: arrived beautiful Bahia Tortuga. Had a sip of bubbly while kids asleep. Anchored under the very full moon, though not quite 100% full, and were alone in the calm bay. Temperature 69 degrees.

Awoke to see four other sail boats parked near us and whales breaching in the mouth of the bay.

Bahia Santa Maria.

Just wasting the days away! Note bulls-eye in upper corner. Kelvin & Meagan got pop guns for Christmas and they shoot at the target and the little things stick to the board, then slide down. They're pretty good shots. I was willing to sit here and let them shoot over my head!

If you look closely, there is a huge "roller" coming up behind us on this photo. No one at the helm? That's the value of autopilot! We like "Otto", he's our pilot!

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