Charlottesville, VA

(last up-dated Sunday, March 28, 2004)

We were taken aback by the sad news of the death of our niece Azlee, at 18. We made the decision to take advantage of the window open at Tehuantepec and proceed directly to El Salvador and catch a plane home for the funeral. However, we realized we could not make it to El Salvador and we put in at Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala and requested that the Navy keep our boat until our return on the following Tuesday. Here are a few photos from that trip home. As sad as we were, there is no replacement for a mid-year trip home to see and feel family and friends. And Azlee's father, Henry, is set to marry a wonderful woman, Lisa Voltz, that we all had an unusually close look at during the week. And, we think he has a gem and hope that they are both going to be able to pull out of this immense tragedy, the loss of a child. We look forward to returning home for their wedding in Charlottesville, VA June 26, 2004.

Photos of the kids and adults putting together a memory board for the service and after. Plus, a photo of all the kids clearly more interested in the movie they were watching then posing for the camera!

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