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Jalisco, Mexico

Punta Ipala is a small, not well-protected place to stop. The town is quiet, very small and there is a beach that you can anchor near. We did not venture into town and it took us only half a day to arrive here. We were met by a boat with a young man who seemed to have no agenda. When we did not take him up on his offer to come to the "restaurant" that evening, we felt badly and we asked if he had kids. When he said he had two and they go to the school there, we gave him a brand new box of yellow pencils and he was happy.

We left in the early morning. The anchorage appeared tight, with a small wreck visible nearer to the beach when the tide was low. We backed out of the inlet.

Photos on way to next location, Bahia Careyes!

Click on photos to enlarge. Then, if you have a zoom, use it to see the colorful mansions and hotels that are stuck in and on the cliffs in this part of the Gold Coast of Mexico. Pretty unbelievable to the eye!

Home Page of the Green Family Voyage