Kelvin and Meagan's Schoolwork


Kelvin and Meagan's Educational Trips

Up-dated March 6, 2004

Kelvin is in 6th grade this year (he turned 12 in December 2003) and Meagan is in 5th grade this year (she turned 10 in September 2003).

Kelvin is studying Geometry, Algebra I, Literature, Bible, Vocabulary, Poetry, and Music Theory (guitar), and oceanography as his science. He is also required to study navigation as we go along and he is reading Dava Sobel's book about the chronometer.

Meagan is studying Math, Pre-Algebra, Literature, Bible, Social Studies (Ancient Times), Vocabulary, Poetry and Music Theory (guitar), and also is studying oceanography as her science. She and Kelvin are both required to write a lot of letters to family and friends, and their father keeps them busy with writing in their journal about their trip every couple of days.

Kelvin's tree project. Kelvin planted a seed from a Giant Sequoia tree in September in a container it came in. It started to grow immediately.


Kelvin saw this week that his tree has a second tree coming up out of the dirt. He is going to transfer it to a larger bucket here in Cabo and hopes to keep it growing and plant it in our new back yard in Virginia over the summer.

Kelvin's Mexico poster he did for a project.

Meagan's Mexico poster she did for a project.

Kelvin and Meagan are studying Spanish every day. This is the sheet that is taped to their "head" which has the numbers, days of the week and other things in Spanish. They love to speak Spanish to the people in Mexico!

Up-dated school photos February 10, 2004 below:

Meagan's marigolds she is growing! Lots of sun here. We'll see how they do.

An up-date on Kelvin's giant pine tree. Now it is TWO pine trees for some reason. This picture was taken the first week of February 2004. It is now out of the original humidifying container the project came with. Click on the photo to see the last pictures taken of this tree, now tree(s)!

The status of Kelvin's tree and Meagan's marigolds! The date of this picture is March 4, 2004. Can you see the difference? Meagan's marigolds are about ready to spring forth flowers! Keeping them watered in these hot climates is no easy task.

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