PELICANS by Mrs. Randall's class!

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Thanks for all the information and help!

We needed information on this bird:

You wrote back with many pieces of good information:






Illustrated by Mikaila

 "The pelcins are brown and graye.  They live in Mexico."  (Emma, Mikaila, Kyle)

Thank you Emma, Mikaila and Kyle. That is true and we saw our pelican in Mexico!







Illustrated by Jordan

 "The brown pelucen dives into the water.  They have log wings.  They eat fish.  The brown pelucens wings are bigr than Mrs. Randall."

Thanks Jordan! We actually got to see some of them dive into the water to eat fish! But they dove so fast that we could not get that on a picture. But, your picture is perfect. Thank you.







Illustrated by MaKenzie 

The brown pellukin eats fish.  It has a orange beek.  (Alex, Christopher, Caleb, Tristen)

Thanks Alex, Christopher, Caleb and Tristen. We couldn't really see the beek so it is good to know what color it is. We have seen a lot of pelicans on this trip! Great picture MaKenzie. It shows they go on land as well as water.








Illustrated by Dylan

 Brown pilucons cud be bigr than the pepol in are clas.  They have webed feet.

They are definitely very big! I wonder how much they weigh. I'll bet they are not quite as tall as Kelvin or Meagan, but I bet they weigh about the same, like 80 pounds. What do you think? Thanks for the great picture Dylan.







Illustrated by Stephanie 

The pelckine has a log beeck and a yellow crayon.  And it has a gray and brown and a white neck.  (Jared, Conner, Stephanie)

Thanks for the picture Stephanie. You, Jared and Conner did a lot of work to help us identify this bird. This helps us to know what we are seeing and what they are like.


Mrs. Randall writes by email in January, 2004:

We found white pelicans and brown pelicans, and have decided yours is a

Brown Pelican.  It is an adult alternate.  Here are some of the details

we found out about brown pelicans.


They have a white foreneck and head with a yellow crown.

They have a gray/brown body plumage.

Their bill is paler along the Pacific Coast, and becomes yellow during

breeding season.

It flies with its head tucked.

It plunges from great heights into water to catch fish.

Adults have a yellow cap- just like yours.

They can be 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall, with 6-9 ft. wings.  WOW!  It must

have been amazing to see!

Their large throat pouches can hold up to 3 times as much as their



We have learned a lot about pelicans and sailing.    Have a good day!  Signing off from



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