Puerto Huatulco, Mexico

[pronounced (hoo tool koh)]

(last up-dated Sunday, March 28, 2004)

This is where one waits out the weather window to be able to shoot through the Tehuantepec.

Tehuantepec Timing Issues

Before we left for the Tehuantepec, we holed up with many other boats and mariners at Chahue (pronounced cha-way) Marina, Huatulco. There are two pictures of the entrance, which is virtually undetectable unless you can see some masts from the main commercial terminal. Don't moor in the commercial lagoon with the dock. The Chahue Marina  is secluded and everyone is staying there these days. Talk to Enrique, as he knows everything, speaks Spanish, English and French, and spends his days and nights taking care of the yachts as they gather for openings. He keeps track of the weather systems for the mariners, and gets everyone together!


Will write more later. Can't today. Leaving current location.


(298 mile trip from Acapulco; 49 hours); PAGE 224 Charlie's Charts

Will be here until the "weather window" arrives to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec, currently expected to open Thursday, March 11, 2004, give or take a Force 8 wind or two! It is currently open until tomorrow, Sunday, March 7, but we cannot make that window, then we received word this morning, March 6th, that it will be closed again until Thursday. Leaving Acapulco Sunday, March 7.

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