Puerto Quetzal, Guatamala

(March 16 through March 23)

last up-dated Sunday, March 28, 2004

Had to leave our boat with the Guatamala Defense (Navy) to return home for a funeral.

Arrived at Puerto Quetzal in the middle of the night and it took 2 hours to negotiate the anchorage. It cost us $300 to rent the space, $60 to get the port immigration and customs to come to the boat at 6 am, then it cost us $65 U.S. to get a taxi to Guatamala City to catch a flight to Washington. Then it cost another $55 to get the Zarpe to leave! Few photos as we were not there long.

However, the afternoon we left seemed uneventful on our way to Barillas Marina Club. However, on the way there, by morning, we were running out of fuel at 2800 RPMs, slamming into 8 to 10 foot head on seas, taking 30 knots on the nose with gusts to 38, and bucking a current that had to be between 3 and 4 knots coming right at us. We were down to 2 reefs all day, all hatches shut, and very hot downstairs. We were doing as low as 2.9  knots at 2800 RPMs on the way to the waypoint for the breakers to enter Barillas Marina Club 9 nautical mile journey. Suffice it to say, Barillas Marina Club makes it all worth while to get there! Weather not unusual for this area for the Equinox apparently.

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