Dear Mrs. Randall:

We need your student's help again. We found a very large animal in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the rocks near our boat. It was very sunny and very hot outside and we were surprised to see this animal. It didn't move and seemed to wait for us to go by. It also seemed to be the same colors as the rocks on which it was sitting.

We are not sure, but we heard that they are called IGUANAS. Can you tell us anything about them and tell us if the man who saw us looking at them was right?


Thank you. Your student's help is really great because we didn't have enough extra room on our boat to carry books to identify everything we have seen. Your help with the Pelican has really helped us understand and appreciate these large, ocean-diving birds that we see everywhere. And, we don't have to call it BIG BIRD anymore!

Here are our two pictures:

Look where Kelvin and Meagan are pointing. It is hard to see, but it gives you an idea of the size of the animal compared to Kelvin's and Meagan's hand. Here is a closer picture that might help you better research and possibly draw, the animal.

It looks like the kind of animal we should give a name. We have seen this one twice near our boat. What do YOU think we should name IT? Charlie? Elizabeth? Hairy!? Let us know if you all can agree on a name. We look forward to hearing about this animal and if it is an Iguana! Good Luck!


Where in the world are Kelvin and Meagan?

How Kelvin and Meagan live on a boat