SAN DIEGO, Family, Friends, Trips Nov-Dec 2003.


We have visited many sites while here. Some sites we visited with family and friends, others by ourselves. Here are a few items from the last month in San Diego.


Grandmom and Meagan on the top of Pt. Loma overlooking the Naval Base on Coronado, in San Diego.

Grandma Pat and Granpa John living the boating life in their private bedroom with bathroom on the Lazy Lady II, replete with television, reading lights, an electric head, and a funky shaped double bed. You'll note that John has the paper in his hand and mom has either her book or the "clicker". Hmm, couldn't be all that bad a deal! Thanks for coming for Thanksgiving (we offered them a hotel but they graciously declined, so, they got what they bargained for!).

Dessert and scrabble with the grandparents. Wonderful!

 This dolphin had a thing for Grandpa John at Seaworld!

The kids could have spent hours petting the dolphins at SeaWorld!

Meagan has a sardine to feed the dolphin and the dolphin is sticking its tongue out at Kelvin!

Who needs a trip down the coast when you have SeaWorld.

Grandmom feeds the dolphins.

Christmas at the San Diego Yacht Club.

Tom Hickman on way to Coronado for dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant; part of the Hotel del Coronado. There was a debate whether the aircraft carrier No. 74 was indeed the Nimitz, or just a Nimitz-class carrier. Well, I have to defer to my brother who knows much more than I on these matters.

Mike, the family architect (friend of Tom's), checking out the sites. Does he look to you like he's holding on for dear life? Nah. What a trooper he was to come out here and redesign our entire future home in Charlottesville and put up with the state of living of the Green family. Thanks Mike!

For Kelvin's 12th birthday, I whisked both kids off to Sin City for 2 days of Mandalay Bay, Shark Reef exhibit, the Stratosphere, a walk down Las Vegas Boulevard, too much room service, large beds that didn't rock, and gave Mark two days off to close some deals and shop while I wasn't looking. Wonder if he did. I'll let you know.

Family birthday party for Kelvin at the San Diego yacht Club.


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