Portobello, Panama

Last up-dated May 2006




Portabello, Panama is a beautiful enclave and we stayed many more days than we anticipated. We were on our way farther south and stopped here. It was a slamming ride and we motored. None of us was happy, as I recall now in 2006! The pictures on this page do not tell the entire story. As we were resting after the Panama Canal trip right outside of the canal and we had returned our helpers and our tires to someone else, we headed out the next day for Portobello. The weather on this side was clearly changing. Even though we had a day or two of sunshine, Mark and Meagan headed back to Panama City and flew back to Los Angeles to help take care of the switch in our mail program (my cousin had to abandon helping us and we had to get it switched over to our parents in Virginia quickly). The day they left, it started to rain. Kelvin and I spent two days below deck, windows shut (no a/c!), reading and watching videos. We then decided to get a cab and get a hotel in Panama City until Mark and Meagan returned. It NEVER stopped raining. The "rainy season" had started, and that was it! Mark and I  watched the weather channel from both locations (stateside and the Panama hotel) and decided they were bubbling up from Columbia and any further south was going to be a nightmare. We chose to head north as soon as possible. But, if you ever get a chance to put in at Portobello, you will NOT be disappointed ...unless the rains have begun! Even several ex-pats leave right around when we arrived, for the "season", and return months later! Hmmm.