Zihuatenejo, Mexico

up-dated March 6, 2004


Shopping day at the Central Mercado. This is not like the Commercial Gigante, which we have already been to twice. Central Mercado is an open-air market under the roof of a building. It was absolutely fascinating and within walking distance of downtown. The Commercial Gigante is basically a huge, wonderful, clean, very inexpensive grocery store in a huge warehouse-size building and the goods and range of goods sold will remind you of Wal-Mart! Everything from electronics to clothing, as well as cleaning  supplies and kids toys. The bulk of the stuff in any of these huge new, post-2001  megastores in Mexico is groceries. Everything is beautiful, fresh, umblemished, perfect uniforms, clean floors, bank inside along with delis, fresh dinner choices, etc.

However, yesterday we found the Central Mercado by a fluke. Fascinating! Everything you could ever want that is fresh and local, great prices (even got a large allen wrench set and two t-shirts (2 t-shirts of good quality were $5 TOTAL!). Here are some pictures.


Kelvlin watching a man make silver jewelry.

Kelvin and Mark on right in picture.

Meagan loves all things "pan", or bread. Buys the fresh French bread by the loaf and just eats it. Good to her credit she does not eat butter, except, as she told me last night, on baked potatoes.

Look at those vegetables and fruit! And yes, that's my daughter, not my son! Oh well. She actually bought a dress for herself in Ixtapa last week and is thrilled. Maybe things do change. Just like her mother. How did that happen!

Mark's cheesy smile at Bandido's in Zihuatenejo. Great restaurant. Clean bathrooms! That should tell you something!

My pre-teenage son, Kelvin at lunch at Bandido's. Still dressed in his church finest from a service we went to in the a.m.

Meagan at lunch. Yes, she wore that hat to chapel this morning! Yeech! It was outdoors, however, and everyone was dressed in beach attire! But still! What's a mother to do! Also, take close note of the pole to the left of her in the background. These are huge poles that are found in many places and restaurants and they are real. They were on all four posts in the restaurant and are just cut out of the forest. Fascinating.

Tough spot to hang out for a week, huh!

Jumping off the boat, hanging onto the line Mark set up with the spinnaker pole. Kids love this!

The primal scream of fun!

Our recently purchased, used Spinnaker. It is perfect! It has a note and a wave in the circle.

A table at a restaurant in Zihuatenejo. Mark and I loved this table. Good for our new home?

Kelvin is embedded in this wave!



Zihuatenejo Street Map Feb 2004 (all supplied from Rick's Bar)

Zihuatenejo Beach Map Feb 2004

  Zihuatenejo Street Map Index 2004

Zihuatenejo Steet Map Index by Category 2004

Zihuatenejo Pocket Map from Tourist Bureau Feb 2004

  Zihuatenejo Pocket Map Legend for Resorts & Hotels, including telephone numbers: Feb 2004



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